in loving memory of Boris Ignatovich’s wife and archivist Klavdia Ignatovich

8th of July, 2015

Photofront. Only the Truth


one-man photo exhibit honoring Boris Ignatovich’s 70th birthday, organized by the Moscow branch of the Union of Soviet Journalists in April 1969, at the Central Home of Journalists.

It included photographs of various genres and periods, photographs of museum quality, which he had printed on his own. The gelatin silver prints and the color prints were on cardboard or masonite panels. They were Ignatovich’s outstanding prints with very large size, which was unique for that time.

This was Ignatovich’s last one-man exhibit in Moscow, and the collection is preserved in its entirety, including 85 photographs, invitation cards, visitor comment books, and original announcement posters from 1969.

100 photographs